Importance of Using Metallic Alignment Tool

When installing our multi-plate clutch kits, it is important to use a metal input shaft/alignment tool. This ensures that the clutch discs are aligned straight and true to the pilot bushing/bearing of the flywheel or crank. We do no supply plastic tools as they are inadequate for such an install. We do not provide metal alignment tools either as it is not cost efficient. It is possible to warp the clutch discs upon install if the gearbox is shifted or jiggled. If the gearbox does not slide in easily, please remove and inspect/realign the clutch plates. Any shift can cause leverage at the input shaft and cause it to warp.

For certain applications we do sell service alignment tools for our dealer/service shops. We offer billet and heat treated alignment service tools as displayed above. For further inquiry, please visit our website for list of available service tools.